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About AG&Co

 Fulfilling our "Mission" and defining our "Why"

Amanda Greaves & Company’s mission is to create and execute dynamic and cohesive design solutions for each and every project; ensure the results are true reflections of the client’s needs and lifestyles; and maintain the highest levels of organization, communication, and accurate expectations among the entire team throughout the planning / designing / building process. 

By combining their experience and understanding of the building dynamic with an undeniable passion for beautiful design, AG&Co consistently creates designs that represent the style and desires of their clients, while integrating project management services to ensure their designs, and the Client's needs are executed successfully. 

The team of AG&Co puts a lot of pride in their designs, as well as the methods in which the designs are executed.   Ensuring the Clients remain at the center of each decision is part of the culture within the company.  Often times AG&Co will remain involved with clients beyond the project completion date as a consultant for continued improvements >> resulting in long term friendships and business relationships.

Approachable, talented, welcoming, and sincere - AG&Co delivers not only beautiful results, but feelings of overall excitement during the process, and fulfillment within each project journey from concept > to design > to construction > to decor > to the final product.  Enhancing peoples lives through design is where AG&Co maintains their pillars for success: Professionalism, Poise, Creativity, and Passion.

The range of projects this team is able to manage on a daily basis is impressive and far reaching.  Projects completed by AG&Co include: hotel and restaurant design, commercial office spaces, retail store design and merchandising, healthcare and assisted living facilities, and residential projects.

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NEB Hall
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