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The AG&Co Team



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With a strong passion for design coupled with a clear dedication to hard work, Amanda Greaves established AG&Co in 2010.   Her motivation, tenacity, and poise are the base of the AG&Co culture that is evident within all of their projects. Amanda's desire for constant and never ending improvement within her own personal life flows over seamlessly into the culture, atmosphere and attitudes of the entire team. By creating an environment where there is support, encouragement, freedom of expression, and flexibility in schedules and styles of each individual > Amanda believes the environment in which we all work should be productive & effective as well as fun & motivating.

For over 20 years Amanda has been practicing design, business development and project management within the interior design and construction industries. While involved in the many trades and disciplines of her career, she has gained a significant amount of experience within the aspects of team building, and personal coaching / personal development. 

Amanda graduated from Marymount University with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Interior Design, and also holds an active Construction Supervisor's License. 

Amanda's life outside of the design world is just as colorful and dynamic as her company.   Her enthusiasm for hiking, boating (anything outdoors, actually), travel (national and international), dabbling in culinary arts (self proclaimed 'foodie'), yoga/pilates, and attending growth/empowerment seminars and events help to create the breadth and depth of who Amanda truly is.



Regan was born into a world of design, and had been preparing for her career long before she could even walk. Her mother owned and operated her own drafting firm, which heavily influenced Regan’s passion for design. As a baby, Regan spent most of her time at the office surrounded by tape measures, trace and blueprints. As a young adult, Regan started to assist her mother with design projects, often times traveling to active job sites. This is when her love for the industry really started to blossom.

Regan earned her bachelors degree in Interior Design with a concentration in Sustainable Design and a minor in Spanish from Endicott College (Beverly, MA 2014). While at Endicott, she traveled to Spain and Denmark, further broadening her design pallet.

Regan has been a part of the AG&Co team since 2011, holds her NCIDQ certification ((National Council for Interior Design Qualification), and is an Allied member of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers). Regan is passionate about mentoring and teaching others about the design industry, and has been an integral part of the growth and development of AG&Co.

She loves all things related to design, and strives to create spaces that exceed expectations.

As Vice Principal and Lead Designer, Regan is the primary "go to" with a majority of the AG&Co Clients, and maintains the highest level of integrity while graciously representing the company, and her passion for design. 

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Design Team


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Allie grew up on the North Shore fascinated by how people interact with their surroundings, and how their mark is left on different spaces and places. With a background in Anthropology, she started working in the non-profit world, helping to develop interactive reading programs in a local after school program. After three years of suggesting her students chase their dreams, she decided to take her own advice and make a career change.

Allie joined AG&Co in the summer of 2020 and graduated from Endicott College with her Masters in Interior Architecture in the summer of 2021. Allie aims to balance client needs and styles while creating beautiful and functional spaces. Her favorite projects are ones that celebrate simple materials with a range of colors, textures, and uses.

When she’s not pulling together schemes and crafting the ultimate office playlist, Allie spends her time reading or adventuring in nature with her husband and their dogs, Tater Tot and Smudge.

Currently Allie is an integral part of the team by managing support for Regan and Amanda, and continuously creating "out of the box" designs for many of our Client.


Assistant Designer
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Originally a polite midwesterner from Chicago, Victoria has fully  embraced the iced-coffee-in-December mentality of the North Shore and is now (still polite) but with a little more edge. Victoria comes from a literary background with a degree in Creative Writing and recently shifted her poetry passion into a passion for design and architecture. 

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in 2016, Victoria held positions in marketing and operations before returning to school in 2020. She is currently earning her master’s degree in Interior Architecture at Endicott College and plans to graduate in the summer of 2022. 

In her spare time, you can find her singing show tunes to her cat or exploring the beach at low tide.

At AG&Co,  Victoria is currently the master of Procurement and maintains all of the purchasing and scheduling updates.

Support Staff


Office Manager
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Daisy joined the AG&Co team in the spring of 2016. Most of her day is spent overseeing daily operations, and naps in the sun. But don’t let her inactivity fool you! Her days can be ruff. She’s constantly roaming the grounds of new projects to ensure no details are missed, and no food is left behind. When she gets overwhelmed, she doesn’t tuck tail and run, she hunkers down into a blanket and sinks her paws into the issue. What she lacks in professional experience and education she makes up for with a can do attitude. With a wagging tail and her toy of choice, she’s always the first one to greet visitors and turn them into friends.


Client Relations Director

Artie joined the AG&Co. team in April 2019. His exuberant nature and cuddly demeanor brings a sense of playfulness to the office. His primary duties within the firm include greeting clients, showing off his new tricks, and "howling" when he approves of the design decisions.

When not in the office, Artie enjoys playing with his many friends at Wags, long walks on the beach, and running through the woods of New Hampshire.

He loves rides in the car, so goes everywhere with Amanda.  Artie is Amanda's "first mate"  on the boat.  His love for the water is apparent as he can typically be found frolicking along the seashore scanning for rocks and shells, or mastering the doggie paddle in various lakes, pools and oceans.


Event Planner
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