Amanda and her team are great. Good listeners. Creative. Great Taste.
My wife and I used AG&Co. Interiors for our kitchen and bath remodel and the layout ideas, color selections, and materials were right on.
Amanda has also done the interiors of many of our Windover homes. She has been an integral part of the team and helped create the spaces that have made the Windover brand so strong.

Lee Dellicker

Former Pres. & CEO, Windover Construction

I had the pleasure of working with Amanda on the new construction of a large residential project. Amanda did an excellent job of balancing the expectations of the owner and our needs as the General Contractor. She recognizes the importance proper sequencing and schedule restrictions, she met every deadline that was put forth. Amanda was always willing and available to work through any detail, question, or problem that arose and jumped into action when timing became an issue.

She had a clear vision for her design, made snap decisions, and left no detail to linger. I’ve worked with other designers in the past, and the difference of them vs. Amanda is that she actually takes the time to understand what is going on throughout the entire project, understands everyone’s needs and cares about the entire team. Overall I found it very enjoyable to work with her, and would recommend her to any builder who needs help with dealing with their clients.


Windover Construction

My experience working with AG&Co is always en enjoyable and professional one. If you believe that people make the company, then AG&Co is it! The professional skill set, creativity and great personalities of this crew is only outmatched by their passion and diligence for what they do. I’m always exited to be part of their projects.

R. Endriukaitis

SHAW Flooring

I know a lot of people who have experience, but lack personality.  But you, you have both that bring excitement and positive energy to a project.   You bring a ton of personality to the project, you listen well, sell your ideas well and have a great "energy" about yourself that translates to the rest of your team, and the project team.

From an experience side, you know how to build, how to see opportunity, create ideas and details, and you can run projects.  It's clear you can guide the client in a direction and follow thru with the builder to see it brought to reality.  That's imperative to being successful, but in my opinion not as important as the following. 

In my opinion, the reason I want to work with you more than other designers is the fact you listen, gain a better understanding of the client and the architects' goals, then enhance the direction and finish.  You're not afraid to take a hard line stance, and you're also open to other ideas.  Our common ground and goals of having satisfied and happy clients, as well as an incredible end product make working with you very enjoyable.  I look forward to our next project!

Craig Bosworth, AIA

Bosworth Architects

It’s been a pleasure to work with Amanda and her team. She has a wide range of styles and knowledge, which is so useful when brainstorming. She never imposes her ideas onto me. Whether it’s a simple idea or a complex one that takes precision and research, she listens, grasps the visual and finds out what I want, then makes it happen. Her sense of color, space, and attention to budget is very much appreciated. There’s never any pressure or intimidation. Her team is professional, friendly, always positive, respectful of my home. She was reliable about checking in, over-seeing and following up, organized with samples and prepared with contractors. I continue to recommend her to others and would work with her again in the future.


Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

Design teams are filled with strong egos. People with strong opinions who are paid to have strong opinions. Amanda is a welcome calm in that swirl. She can meld the opinions of the professionals – and most importantly the client – to create a product better than any one person could have conceived. She is a valued presence on any design team. PLUS, she’s fun to work with and brings lots of resources to the table. Her egoless ‘let’s just do this’ attitude is a great asset on the team.

M. McDonough

Serenittee Restaurant Group

Your energy and enthusiasm stand you out from the crowd. Your balls in making decisions and being confident help indecisive clients. And your entertaining and dancing capacity are unmatched. 

Bill Mead, AIA

I don’t think there is anyone better than Amanda for interior design work. She is thoughtful, creative, responsive, attentive to every detail, and mindful of budget. She works extremely well with architects and contractors. I have worked with her on projects large and small and she has exceeded my expectations in every case. In 2005, I met Amanda when she was working with the interior design firm hired by Hospice for the Kaplan Family Hospice House, and $8 million project. She literally saved the project, by coordinating the myriad of details involved in furniture, fixtures, and finishing selection, procurement, and supervision of the installation.

Before Amanda was assigned, we were having a lot of issues with the design team; she calmly put the pieces together, soothed a lot of ruffled feathers, and ensured that things went smoothly from that point forward. She also designed our donor wall, which everyone who enters the facility comments on for its understated simplicity.

More recently, I’ve been working with Amanda on a major home renovation project (basically the house is being gutted). At first I thought hiring an interior designer was a luxury I couldn’t afford. I already had an architect. I’ve since concluded that she is playing an indispensable role (without taking over or usurping any other member of the team’s role) in making sure the design is functional, well thought out, and beautiful. From the big issues like the overall layout, to the smallest detail of a faucet selection, I rely on Amanda’s valuable input.

In short, she has my highest recommendation (and I’m not someone who is easily pleased).

D. T. Stringer

Former President & CEO, Care Dimensions


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